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Floral Headband

So this is my first post.

Sure why not post the floral headband from my profile picture.


I’ve been in love with floral headbands ever since I was a young girl. There is nothing more girly than wearing flowers in you hair. I have even gone so far as to wish I could wear a flower garland everyday……. though this wish was made at a music festival where it was seen as rude not to!

I made two of these for my flower girls, but I may try them out for size myself!

I bought a couple of cheap flower headbands in a shop and decided to fill them out and add a pretty ribbon in place of the messy string that was on it.

Equipment for one headband:

floral headband

extra flowers, for filling out


glue gun

a meter of nice ribbon

IMG_4926 IMG_4927 IMG_4928 IMG_4929


Heat glue gun and use it to stick extra flowers into place making sure there are no unwanted gaps. Set aside and allow to dry.

Cut ribbon in half at a slant, this is to prevent it fraying. Glue the end of one ribbon to the hoop at one end of the floral head band. Do the same with the other length of ribbon and let dry.

Tie in a pretty bow at the back of your head.


Wear. Twirl. Enjoy.

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I'm Anna. Paper and Pearl is my creative outlet. I love making things, from crafting for fabulous weddings, parties and events to baking in my kitchen. I am the proud owner of a Fine Art degree and have experience writing for one of the leading online wedding magazines in Europe, styling weddings, as a bridal consultant in a beautiful wedding dress shop in Dublin, as well as experience as a professional cake decorator and junior pastry chef. Always on the lookout for a new DIY project.... if it involves glitter it's the icing on the cake!


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