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Mood board Madness!

I love a good mood board/ collage/ inspiration board, call it what you want, I love it! The digital world has really only made this obsession greater for me. I’m guessing my love of a theme has also contributed to me trawling Pinterest for great DIY ideas that I can fit into my theme.

I have used mood boards ever since school and college, back then they were in the physical form of sticking pictures from magazines or things I had found or material to a piece of card. Nowadays Pinterest, Google and a good photo joining/ collage app are my tools of choice.

I love to stick to a theme, any dinner party or celebration I have includes something themed, be it the food, colour scheme or the decor.

In my eyes every good event starts with a mood board or collage. To make a collage you need to do lots of looking. I usually make a Pinterest board with the title I want and add in anything I like the look of that matches my theme. I then go back and edit it, taking away anything that isn’t quite what I’m looking for and adding in any other gems I’ve found.

The beauty of a Pinterest board is you can always add and edit them so you can take your time and enjoy the process!

As a cake decorator I always made an inspiration board when designing a wedding cake, it helped to pin-point the look I wanted, and also is very handy for customers to get a feel of how to create their own designs.


Get pinning!!!

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I'm Anna. Paper and Pearl is my creative outlet. I love making things, from crafting for fabulous weddings, parties and events to baking in my kitchen. I am the proud owner of a Fine Art degree and have experience writing for one of the leading online wedding magazines in Europe, styling weddings, as a bridal consultant in a beautiful wedding dress shop in Dublin, as well as experience as a professional cake decorator and junior pastry chef. Always on the lookout for a new DIY project.... if it involves glitter it's the icing on the cake!

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