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Mr and Mrs Wedding Sign

I made these signs to hang on the backs of our chairs at dinner. They are up-cycled garden signs I found in a pound shop. (I love pound shops, you can always find little treasures that don’t break the bank!)

I copied the font from a sign I liked online but if you don’t feel confident enough to go free hand, you could always trace it on. I then used chalk paint to paint the design on to the slate.

I’m planning on using a glue gun to stick some fake flowers on and finish them off nicely. You could also change the rope to a ribbon and bow if you liked, I quite like the rope for the rustic barn feel for my wedding.

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I'm Anna. Paper and Pearl is my creative outlet. I love making things, from crafting for fabulous weddings, parties and events to baking in my kitchen. I am the proud owner of a Fine Art degree and have experience writing for one of the leading online wedding magazines in Europe, styling weddings, as a bridal consultant in a beautiful wedding dress shop in Dublin, as well as experience as a professional cake decorator and junior pastry chef. Always on the lookout for a new DIY project.... if it involves glitter it's the icing on the cake!

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