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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

I’m going to begin my weekly post on My Favourite Things in the magical, wonderful, sparkly world of glitter!

I would go so far as saying glitter is my favourite colour – though not actually a colour – the effect it has on me is blinding. It lulls me into a dream-like happy mood….. I am a six year old girl at heart!

The recent enough trend of glitter bombing ones enemy is lost on me. When I first heard about this I genuinely thought it was a joke. How is glitter scattered everywhere a bad thing?….People are strange!


Glitter is just the thing to brighten up a dull morning. For instance these unicorn sugar cookies I made for my office wouldn’t have been the same without their sparkly horns… That was a good Monday!

And oh! the joy I get when seeing a sneaky bit of glitter on someone’s face, unbeknownst to them, hilarious!

Anyway, I’m starting to sound strange now….


Can’t help it… One of my favourite things!

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I'm Anna. Paper and Pearl is my creative outlet. I love making things, from crafting for fabulous weddings, parties and events to baking in my kitchen. I am the proud owner of a Fine Art degree and have experience writing for one of the leading online wedding magazines in Europe, styling weddings, as a bridal consultant in a beautiful wedding dress shop in Dublin, as well as experience as a professional cake decorator and junior pastry chef. Always on the lookout for a new DIY project.... if it involves glitter it's the icing on the cake!

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