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Mr and Mrs Wedding Sign

I made these signs to hang on the backs of our chairs at dinner. They are up-cycled garden signs I found in a pound shop. (I love pound shops, you can always find little treasures that don’t break the bank!)    I copied the font from a sign I liked online but if you don’t feel confident enough to go free hand, you could always trace it on. I then used chalk paint to paint the design on to the slate.    I’m planning on using a glue gun to stick some fake flowers on and finish them off nicely. You could also change the rope to a ribbon and bow if you liked, I quite like the rope for the rustic barn feel for my wedding. Advertisements

Gold beer bottle centre piece

I wanted to keep the cost down on my table centre pieces for my wedding. So I opted for the very price savvy look of brown beer bottles ‘dipped’ in gold. ¬†What I needed was a lot of beer bottles…it just so happens that my fiance is very willing to drink lots of craft beer, that’s dedication, he loves wedding crafts now! So, I say ‘dipped’. This is just how they look. They are actually spray painted gold. I masked off whatever end of the bottle that I didn’t want gold with newspaper and masking tape. Then I sprayed them with gold spray paint outside, over some newspaper and let them dry for a few hours at least. I love the rustic look of these and I’ll be adding random flowers and bits of foliage to finish them off. They are so simple but effective and you could even do them with glass jars and pastel spray paints. The combinations are endless.